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Zlatan Ibrahimovic Makes Harsh Prediction For Lionel Messi's Team.

By: Yaksh Desai Image credit: Twitter

Zlatan Ibrahimovic is considered one of the most prolific soccer player of all time. He is known for scoring some bangers, his most memorable goal came against England during an international friendly.

Zlatan has worked really hard to maintain his physique which has enabled him to play top-tier Soccer even at the age of 41.

The Swedish veteran is also famous for his flamboyant personality and  "couldn't care less" attitude. He has won 34 trophies for his clubs/country overall.

Meanwhile, Ibrahimovic is under a public scanner following an interview he made some remarks about the Argentina team for their celebrations post the world cup victory.

Zlatan in a conversation with a radio channel said, “I’m worried about the other players of Argentina because they will not win anything else. Messi has won everything and he will be remembered."

He further added, "But the rest, that behaved badly, we can’t respect that. For me, it’s a sign that they will win one time and will not win anymore because you don’t win like that."

The A.C. Milan striker also admired Mbappe for his perseverance and never bog down attitude as he pushed the final to a penalty shootout by scoring a hattrick.

Meanwhile, the French finance minister also expressed his anger at Argentine players mocking Mbappe and company off the field.

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