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WWE Star Damien Priest Almost Played Namor in Black Panther 2

By: Rahul V Krishnan Image credit: WWE and Twitter

Many WWE superstars have made it big in Hollywood in the past. The Rock, John Cena and Batista are some successful Hollywood stars made in the WWE.

Another interesting name who almost landed a major Hollywood breakthrough role was former US champion, Damian Priest.

According to Sean Ross Sapp (Via Fightful select), Damian Priest was on the verge of playing a major role in the Marvel movie Wakanda Forever.

The Judgment day member was asked to read for the role of Namor which is one of the most important roles in the film.

Sean Ross Sapp was unable to confirm whether the character read ever happened. This could've been a career-changing role for Priest if it had happened.

Marvel already has a former WWE superstar in their cinematic universe as former WWE champion Batista plays Drax the destroyer for the franchise.

Marvel's rivals DC also has their own WWE connection as John Cena played Peacemaker and Dwayne The Rock Johnson played Black Adam for the franchise.

Wakanda Forever was released earlier this month and it became a huge box-office success. The movie has crossed around $500 Million in less than two weeks.

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