WWE Opinion: Theory Can Never Be John Cena

Theory has emerged as the top-face of WWE. The young Superstar has reached heights in such a short period of time..

There's no denying WWE is trying hard to push Theory as the next face of WWE. So much, that they have almost made him the next John Cena.

Be that as it may, despite WWE's best efforts, we believe Theory will never be the next John Cena.

Moreover, Theory isn't the likeable character that John Cena has portrayed for more than a decade.

Theory is brash, rough, and likes to talk trash you would expect from a hell. And as we all know, John Cena is probably the most loved babyface that there has been in the history of pro-wrestling.

While having a distinct move set is another story, and the facial features can also be ignored; to imitate John Cena might only pave way for imitation and not authenticity. 

What if WWE had started with Roman Reigns as the next Rock? It wouldn't have allowed for the kind of authenticity to the character that Roman Reigns enjoys today.

Do you think Theory can become the next John Cena? What are your thoughts on WWE portraying him as someone who will replace Cena?

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