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WWE Hall of Famer Reveals He Is Not Close to Triple H After the Dispute

By: Jeron Jacob



Brush Stroke

Ric Flair who is a two-time WWE Hall of Famer, on the latest episode of his "To Be The Man podcast" revealed something about his old friend.

Brush Stroke

During that podcast, Ric admitted that he is not close to Triple H as he was once before and had certain disagreements with him.

Brush Stroke

Ric Flair had an argument with the company over the title of "The Man", which was later given to Becky Lynch after she made her return.

Brush Stroke

However, Ric was not ready to let go of the title without getting paid for it as he believed it was his property and should be paid for giving it away.

He said, "Well, I don’t think we’re thick as thieves, but I can tell you this. We had a big falling out over the trademark, ‘The Man’ issue, a big falling out."

Ric also added that he would be among the top 5 people who reached out to Stephaine McMahon when Triple H fell sick to check out if he is doing well.

Later Ric mentioned that their relationship had several agreements and disagreements but Triple H was the first person he called when his son, Reid passed away. 

Even though they had many ups and downs, Ric believes that Triple H will be there at his funeral and he will be present at his.

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