By: Nikhil Chauhan

WWE Finally Listens to Fans, Huge Update on The Rock vs Roman Reigns

Image Credit: WWE

Despite the Rock's busy schedule, fans have been speculating that the former WWE Champion will return to the WWE ring one day.

Will reigns vs rock ever happen?

It's been years since we have been teased with Roman Reigns vs The Rock. However, we are yet to see the exciting match-up.

With Reigns now on an incredible win-streak as the undisputed WWE champion, it makes sense for the Rock to make his return to take on Roman Reigns.

Brush Stroke

Moreoever, it will be nice to see someone from the Bloodline itself snap Reigns; undefeated streak and hand him the first loss of his WWE career in quite some time.

Image Courtesy: WWE

In a recent update from Dave Meltzer, WWE had plans. "The original idea was [Rock and Roman in a title match.] I can tell you that 100%.” Meltzer said, “Now, will they change it?”

As far as the latest updates goes, it's unlikely we will see The Rock inside the WWE ring in the near future. However, WWE does have the Reigns vs Rock in their mind.

So it's safe to say, when the time is right, we will indeed see Roman Reigns take on The Rock and it will probably be at WrestleMania.

Rock vs reigns at wrestlemania?

Do you think Roman Reigns will remain undefeated till the time The Rock makes his WWE appearance? Only time will tell.

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