What Happened to the Banner that Kobe Bryant Gifted to Taylor Swift?

By: Anannya Mitra Image credit: X

In 2015, Lakers legend Kobe Bryant gifted Taylor Swift a banner, appreciating her 16 sold-out concerts at Staples Center. For many years, it has been displayed in the rafters of the arena until it went missing.

When investigated further in 2020, the banner was found folded up in a store room among other collectibles, as per the president of Staples Center, since some felt that banner seemed to be out of place in there.

Therefore, in order to make room for the championship banner the Lakers achieved while playing in the NBA bubble, the banner was put away before the 2020–21 NBA and NHL seasons.

Clippers fans couldn't digest the banner of Taylor Swift being present in the rafters instead of the Clippers. They even attempted to cover Swift's banner with their adored players.

After Staples Center (later Crypto.com arena) was done with its renovation, Clippers fans went to a new arena named Intuit Dome and were happy to finally have hanging banners of their legendary heroes.

Now that the Clippers have been granted their personal space, there's a possibility the Taylor Swift banner could sway peacefully among other banners with the air of LA.

When Kobe gifted Swift the banner at the Staples Center, he announced that her banner was “going to hang in here forever”. He also dedicated it to all her fans who were supporters of the Lakers too.

In August 2023, while performing her track “22”, Taylor Swift passed on to Bianka Kobe Bryant her signature hat, along with a small but warm hug. Vanessa Bryant shared the adorable interaction of her daughter with Swift on X.

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