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Vince McMahon Had a Ugly Fight With WWE Legend Over Storyline

By: Jeron Jacob

With Vince McMahon no longer being a part of the company, WWE legend, Mick Foley revealed that he and Vince had argued over a storyline.

In Foley is Pod show Mick Foley mentioned that he didn't agree with Vince and had a 45-minute shouting contest over a controversial storyline in which the chairman was presumed dead.

He said, “I was really upset about it. I had about a 45-minute shouting match with Mr. McMahon because I hated that angle. Because at the time, I was doing quite a bit with injured service members."

At that time Mick was working with kids who were facing challenges and also imminent deaths. Mick was quite upset and went on to argue with him.

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Mick told Vince that, a child who was facing challenges and the prospect of death and a US service member who lost both her legs thinks that you are dead.

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To this Vince replied by saying that Vince McMahon didn’t die. Mr. McMahon died. However, Mick didn't understand the difference between this.

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Vince McMahon mentioned that the fans knew the difference between Vince McMahon didn’t die. Mr. McMahon died this left Mick confused.

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After a couple of weeks this storyline with the title, 'who killed Mr. McMahon?' was dropped because of the Benoit family tragedy.

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