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UFC Star Urges The Rock to Pay Fighters for His Shoe Deal

By: David Smith

UFC recently announced a partnership with Dwayne Johnson and the MMA world has given mixed reactions to this iconic deal.

Without a doubt, Dwayne Johnson teaming up with UFC will only give a huge push to UFC and its fighters. But, fighters will not get any financial benefits out of this iconic deal.

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Leading upto UFC 279, Nate Diaz criticized The Rock's shoes and said that UFC forced him to wear it. Look at these shoes, they made me put this s–t on. F–k these shoes!”- Diaz said

UFC fans and fighters are certainly not happy with the fact that fighters will not get any sponsorship money for promoting Dwayne Johnson's Project Rock shoe.

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Recently UFC lightweight Terrance McKinney sent a message to The Rock on Twitter and asked to pay and support the fighters.

"Hey brotha The Rock if you’re a fan of what we do make the deal favorable for the ones modeling your shoe I get it’s not your fault or your business doin it to us but show us the love you think you are. Get in our corner and support us"- Terrance McKinney

Terrance McKinney is one of the rising star in the UFC lightweight division, who has won three fights with three first round finishes.

Dwayne Johnson and Dana White have not issued any statements on fighters and fans criticising the UFC deal.

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