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Triple H’s Career Would Have Been Over if It Wasn’t for This WWE Star

By: Jeron Jacob

After Vince McMahon stepped down from WWE, it was Triple H's time to take over and take the company to new heights with the help of his team.

It didn't take much time for Triple H to flourish under his new role and soon got promoted and became the WWE Chief Content Officer.

With so much success in a short time, Triple H will still be looking to take the company forward under his new role as he kept on bringing new talented stars to WWE.

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In a recent interview with Sporting News when asked about his success in the sports industry he mentioned that it was Vince who guided him.

He said, "He's taught me an important lesson also. When things change, you don't wanna be first in or last in, but you wanna let other people kind of get in there a little bit and then get in there."

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Triple H also added that none of this would be here if it wasn't for Vince McMahon. All these successes are because of his vision and his drive.

In this journey of leading the company from the front, Triple H won't forget an important lesson given to him by former WWE Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon.

He said that when it comes to Vince when it comes to a lot of people here, but especially Vince, I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for him.

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