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Triple H Will Give Final Chance to 37-Year-Old SmackDown Star

By: Ujan Chakraborty Image credit: Twitter

Many  stars were successfully pushed by Triple H, who also helped them improve. Unfortunately, not every one got success upon appearing on the main roster. Karrion Kross was one of such stars.

Karrion Kross has accessed all the resources that have helped him succeed in NXT because of Triple H. However, his luck hasn't changed at all so far, unfortunately.

According to a report, Karrion Kross will receive one final push from Triple H on the main roster because The Game thinks he can make the Doom Walker as famous as he thought earlier. 

Triple H has already set up fresh plans for him that will start after WrestleMania 39. He said, "I want to give Karrion Kross one last push to try and turn him into a star."

Karrion Kross and Drew McIntyre got into a fight that was worthless for both of them. Even though, he finally got his chance last week when he joined the Intercontinental race.

There is a chance that Sheamus will somehow be introduced into the fight, but reports predict that McIntyre might win the fight. It indicates that Kross will have to wait some time. 

Until after the first two days of April, Kross has to wait for his chances to prove his worth. Yet, he might also benefit from a strong performance this week.

Kross will also compete for a chance to win Gunther's Intercontinental Title against Sheamus, LA Knight, and Drew McIntyre. Fans are waiting to see if he succeeds.

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