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Triple H Agreed to Lose Against Young WWE Star Before Injury

By: Rahul V Krishnan Image credit: WWE and Twitter

WWE's Head of Creative Triple H in the past has received a lot of criticism for burying upcoming talents by not putting them over.

However, during his last run in the company, Hunter has put several young superstars over by making them look good.

One superstar Triple H agreed to put over was WWE legend Kurt Angle's kayfabe son Jason Jordan according to Road Dogg.

In 2017, Triple H revealed himself as the last member of team Raw for Survivor Series by removing Jason Jordan from a match against team Smackdown.

After announcing that he's replacing the youngster, Triple H hit Jordan with a pedigree to set up a future feud between the two.

Road Dogg speaking on Oh...You Didn't Know podcast, revealed that Hunter saw Jordan's potential and wanted to put him over.

Unfortunately, the feud between the two superstars didn't happen after Jason Jordan got injured and had to step away from the ring.

The former American Alpha member after suffering a neck injury in 2018 had to step away from the ring. He currently works as a producer for the WWE.

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