Top 6 NBA Stars Who Went to Prison

By: Anannya Mitra Image credit: NBA and Twitter

While all the NBA enthusiasts adore their idols, they've had been involved in ruinous activities which led to their downfall and termination of their basketball careers.

William Bedford was detained in 1996 for possession of drugs. He also faced allegations in Michigan in 2001 for importing 25lbs of marijuana. After an arrest in 2003, he was sentenced to prison for 10 years but was out in 2011.

Darrell Wilbert Allums, Jr. played for Dallas Mavericks for only a season, 1980-81. Allums was found guilty of theft from Domino's Pizza deliverymen 14 times, and he was given a jail time of 9 years in 1989.

Cleveland Cavaliers player Henry James was convicted in 2007 with two felonies for smuggling of drugs worth $750 to an undercover policeman in 2006. He received a jail sentence for 5 years.

Blazers star Arthur Long was also arrested for substantial abuse in 2015. He used to make use of his house as a center for drug trafficking. Later, he received a sentence for seven long years.

In 2007, Ruben Paterson was detained for domestic assault against his wife. Later, his wife withdrew the charges against him after they got divorced.

In addition to aggressive behavior, Oliver Miller was accused of first-and-second-degree harm, hazardous endangerment, owning and employing a handgun in a violent act, carrying a handgun inside a vehicle.

It's unfortunate that exceptionally talented athletes like them had sabotaged their career with their own hands, had they not, they would've had the chance to outshine the greatest athletes of all time.

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