Top 5 Goalkeepers With Most Number of Goals in Soccer History

By: Sandipan Ghosh Image credit: X

One of the rarest incidents in soccer is a goalkeeper scoring goals, especially in professional matches. However, some goalies have even challenged the other on-field players in the goal-scoring.

Talented goalkeepers have mainly scored from free kicks and penalties. Some of the goalies even scored from open play, especially the results of the late decisive corner kicks.

Dimitar Ivankov - 42 goals Belgian goalkeeper Dimitar Ivankov scored 42 goals in his career. The goalkeeper was popular for successfully converting penalties for his team.

René Higuita - 43 goals Colombian René Higuita was an iconic goalie who became globally famous for his scorpion kick to save a goal. He scored 43 goals in his career, including 3 international goals.

Johnny Vegas Fernández - 45 goal Peru goalkeeper Johnny Vegas Fernández is the third number on this list with 45 goals in his career. Apart from 9 outfield goals, he scored 30 goals from penalties.

Jose Luis Chilavert - 67 goals Paraguay goalkeeper Jose Luis Chilavert scored 67 goals in his career. With his 8 goals for Paraguay, he holds the record for most international goals as a goalkeeper.

Rogério Ceni - 129 goals Brazilian goalkeeper Rogério Ceni holds the Guinness World Record for most career goals by a goalkeeper with 129 goals (all for São Paulo). His most goals came from set pieces.

Some other top names on the list of the most goals scored by the goalkeepers are Jorge Campos, Márcio, Fernando Patterson, Hans-Jörg Butt, Misael Alfaro, etc.

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