By: Nikhil Chauhan

The Bloodline is Not Going Anywhere, At Least Not Until WrestleMania 39

Image Credit: WWE

The Bloodline has emerged as one of the most fiercest and dominant stable in the history of WWE in recent memory.

The bloodline holds all the gold!

As it stands, Roman Reigns holds the undisputed WWE titles. while the Usos hold the undisputed tag-team titles, making Bloodline the one with all the gold.

With such a dominant run, fans are already wondering how the Bloodline will come to an end, or if it will come to an end at all.

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Only time will tell if the Bloodline will fall apart, but according to the Usos, it's not happening anytime soon, at least not until WrestleMania 39.

Image Courtesy: WWE

In a recent digital exclusive with the WWE, The Usos warned the WWE universe that The Bloodline will once again takeover WrestleMania.

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Present during the WrestleMania 39 launch party, and the tag-team champions had a message for the Bloodline fans around the world.

Image Courtesy: WWE

"April 1st, April 2nd Uce, the Bloodline is about to take over WrestleMania again." The Usos announced, seven months to go for WrestleMania 39.

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Do you think the Bloodline will stand tall till April next year? Or will we see the fall of Roman Reigns and the Usos. Only time will tell.

Image Courtesy: WWE

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