The Story Behind  Nick Diaz's Nickname

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Nick Diaz has stated that he doesn't have a nickname. He is just Nick Diaz from Stockton, California.

Nick "Diablo" Diaz

Nick Diaz is often referred to as Nick "Diablo" Diaz or the moniker "El Diablo." However, the elder Diaz has explicitly stated his anger at the nickname.


Nick  "El Diablo" Diaz

Nick Diaz's Nickname

If you look at Nick Diaz's fighter profile on various websites, he is referred to as El Diablo or Diablo. However, Diaz once said, "Who the f*** calls me Diablo" which evidently means he doesn't like the nickname that just got attached to him.

The Stockton Slugger

Most often, both the brothers are referred to as the "Stockton Slugger." They both hail from Stockton, California and are known for their aggressive style of fighting with solid cardio.



Some Ideas for  Nick Diaz's Nickname

Nick "Not Nate" Diaz

"Nick "The Elder" Diaz

Nick "Nunchuks" Diaz

Nick  "Stockon Mothereffer" Diaz



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