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Tennis Star Did Not Like Serena & Venus Williams After a Sad Incident

By: Riha Rao Image credit: Vogue 

Sloane Stephens and Serena Williams are the two tennis players who have had a long-running feud amongst themselves.

Sloane and Serena have played 6 matches against each other in their careers, and Serena has won 5 of them. Stephens has one win over her in 2013.

Sloane Stephens saw Serena Williams as her role model. After winning the Australian Open in 2013, Stephens joked that she would hang her own banner in her bedroom next to Serena Williams. 

During the 2013 Federation Cup, Stephens said that she had stopped being a fan of Serena Williams due to her reasons.

At the Federation Cup in Florida, the Williams sisters did not appear to sign an autograph for Stephen. Even after noticing her multiple times.

“They walked by three times and never signed our posters. I found new players to like because I didn’t like them anymore.” Stephens said during a 2013 interview with ESPN.

This was not the only awkward encounter between Williams and Stephens. They both were playing in the 2015 French Open, and Williams said that she thinks Stephens is "supercute." As a reply to that, Stephen referred to Williams just as a "colleague".

Stephens even went on to say that Serena is not as kind as she looks. However, instead of pettiness, Stephens and Williams have found other ways to keep them intertwined to avoid drama.

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