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Stone Cold Should Destroy CM Punk in 30 Seconds at WWE WrestleMania

By: Rahul V Krishnan Image credit: WWE and Twitter

Stone Cold Steve Austin recently admitted that he's ready for another match and there are reports that the Texas Rattlesnake will be competing at Wrestlemania.

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Fans are now speculating and fantasy-booking several possible dream opponents for the WWE Hall of Famer.

CM Punk is one major name that fans would love to see as Austin's opponent. Punk currently is on the verge of getting fired from AEW.

It's unclear whether the WWE will hire the straight edge superstar but according to WWE legend Ric Flair, If the dream match happens, Austin should win in 30 seconds.

Speaking on his "To Be The Man'" Podcast, Flair said that he would book a squash match between the two if he was given a chance.

The Nature Boy also said that the former AEW champion Punk's name shouldn't be mentioned in the same breath as Austin's.

The Hall of Famer praised Stone Cold Steve Austin for maintaining his body and staying in shape despite being away from the wrestling business.

Austin last year returned to the ring and defeated Kevin Owens. It'll be interesting to see whether WWE will sign Punk and give the fans the dream match.

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