Stephen Curry’s Special Initiative With Wife that Saved 7 Million People

By: Vivek Nair Image credit: NBA

The Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry is recognized for his incredible three-point shooting skills and is considered one of the NBA's all-time top shooters.

Apart from his dominance on court, Steph does a lot of charity work along with his wife, and together they are the founders of Eat.Play.Learn.

The purpose of this charity is to aid poor children and provide them with a better life. Stephen Curry donates to charities all across the world, regardless of whether they are from another country or area.

Curry once visited the northern part of Tanzania where he witnessed many refugees living in difficulty and suffering from things like malaria, so he decided to help them with a $5 investment that ultimately saved 7 million lives.

“it moved me and made me see that even small changes can have this outsize impact.”  said Steph, after witnessing the struggles and hardships of the refugees of the refugees.

Steph traveled to Tanzania under the UN Foundation's Nothing But Nets campaign, and he provided mosquito nets worth $5 to communities in need, which have saved almost 7 million lives since 2000.

Curry donated 3 bed nets for every 3-pointer he made during the 2013 NBA season, which amounted to 816 nets. He has made a huge contribution to malaria prevention awareness by providing people in need with essential materials.

Presently, Steph is suffering from a leg injury and has been out for the past month. Curry is expected to make a return to the court next week after the Warriors revealed via Twitter that he is making 'good progress.

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