Stephanie McMahon’s Weakness Made WWE Lose to UFC

By: David Smith



A few months ago, Stephanie McMahon left her position as WWE's Chief Brand Officer and took an unexpected leave to focus on her family.

After a series of events, Stephanie McMahon is now back in WWE with a new role of Co-CEO and chairwoman. But, not so long ago WWE was looking for a replacement for Stephanie McMahon.

A recent report from Dave Meltzer reveals that it was Stephanie McMahon's weakness in one department, which made her vulnerable to all the criticism backstage.

Reportedly, Stephanie was never good at managing the company's Global Sales and Partnerships department.

Meltzer also claimed that due to Stephanie's weakness in sales, UFC was able to beat WWE in recent years.

UFC president, Dana White has done a brilliant job in the last two years and was the only sports organization that was putting on shows during the pandemic.

The numbers for UFC are off the charts while WWE has seen some downfall in the last couple of years.

After Stephanie McMahon took the role of Co-CEO, the new senior vice present, Craig Stimmel handles the company's Global Sales and Partnerships department. He reports to Nick Khan and Stephanie McMahon.

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