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Shaquille O’Neal Will Get Botox Injections Because of Ex-girlfriend?

By: Debadrita Ghosh Image credit: NBA and Twitter

The NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal is loved by people for his amazing sense of humor. He is a genuine showman who never fails to make people laugh.

He likes to make fun, and his appearances on TNT during Inside the NBA or other segments are hilarious. It is impossible to make a serious face when he messes around with people on the show.

The use of BOTOX is widespread in Hollywood. Celebrities have recently begun admitting to receiving Botox injections and talking openly about it.

Shaq is now thinking about getting a BOTOX injection, just like his on-screen peer, Nischelle Turner.

Shaq opened the most recent edition of The Big Podcast with an odd expression on his face. Spice Adams said, "That’s how Shaq be looking at his food in the microwave!", making fun of his facial expression.

Shaq was actually examining a new wrinkle that had developed on his face, as it turned out. When Nicholelle asked him if he would get BOTOX, Shaq questioned what it did.

After knowing, Shaq responded, "Yes, I'll get it, I'll do it." This is indeed fascinating that he agreed to get a cosmetic injection soon after rejecting the idea in Dr. Beauty Podcast.

Shaq made an appearance on the Dr. Beauty Show where he attempted to play it cool by asking the host if he appeared to need Botox but soon turned an interest in learning more about eye fillers.

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