Roman Reigns Humiliates WWE Veteran During Crown Jewel Press Conference

By: Rahul V Krishnan Image credit: WWE

WWE on Friday held a press conference from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia before the Crown Jewel premium live event.

The presser saw Roman Reigns and his challenger Logan Paul come face to face before their big money match on Saturday.

While Roman had his Bloodline brothers with him, Logan Paul also decided to bring his brother Jake Paul as his backup to Saudi Arabia.

An interesting moment happened when Roman Reigns decided to humiliate WWE veteran commentator Michael Cole during the press conference.

Roman wasn't impressed with Cole when he talked about the possibility of Logan Paul shocking the world by defeating the Tribal Chief at Crown Jewel.

Roman picked up the microphone to respond to the veteran announcer but the crowd interrupted him by chanting "Ucey".

Roman then responded to the Saudi crowd by saying: "I'll tell you right now, Michael Cole ain't feeling Ucey"

The crowd also chanted for Sami Zayn who's not allowed to travel to Saudi Arabia due to his Syrian connections. Roman in character told the Saudi crowd that they don't deserve Sami.

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