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Rhea Ripley Has A 3 Word Message For Edge After Judgment Day's Punishment On Raw

By: Rahul V Krishnan Credit: WWE

Rhea Ripley and the judgement day took out Edge on this week's Raw. The Rated R Superstar got a leg injury after they used a steel chair.

Edge earlier on the show called out Dominik Mysterio for turning on him and Rey Mysterio at Clash at the castle and challenged Rey's son for a match in the main event of Raw.

Edge won the match by Disqualification after the judgement day decided to attack the Rated R superstar midway through the match.

Rhea Ripley, the only female member of the Judgment day decided to go on Twitter and have a laugh at Edge's expense.

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 She posted a picture of Edge in pain while The Judgment day was attacking him with the caption "Have a Cry"

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We're yet to receive an update on Edge's injury situation and it is unclear whether the former World champion will be written off TV for a while.

It looks like the plan is to do Rey Mysterio vs his Son, Dominik Mysterio, in the upcoming premium live event and Edge could return and finish the whole Judgment day feud.

The Edge-Judgment Day rivalry has been going on for a while and maybe now it's a better time to end that rivalry and move on in a new direction for all the parties involved.

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