NBA Star Kawhi Leonard Fires up on New Load Management Rules

By: Fatima Roshni Image credit: ABC 7

Following the league's announcement of Players Participation Policy last month, a majority of NBA players have come out with their views and opinions on the decision made against the star players.

Los Angeles Clippers small forward Kawhi Leonard came forward, sharing his opinions with the press on the policy during the team's media day held at the Honey Training Center on October 3.

With a prolonged career injury since the 2020–21 season, Kawhi's injury history dates back to his season performance with Toronto Raptors in 2017–18 with a quadriceps injury followed by an ACL tore.

Sharing details on his career injuries, Kawhi states, "I'm not a guy that's sitting down because I'm doing load management. When I was with the Raptors, it was different; I was coming off an injury."

"I'm trying to play the games I can play. If I'm hurt I can't play basketball. The last two years unfortunately, I got hurt, tore my ACL, and at the end of the year tore my meniscus. It's basketball."

With rumors of his presence at the team's training camp in Hawaii in order to make his availability this season come out of the injury recovery, Kawhi's statements reflected a strong defense.

Kawhi further states, "A lot of my injuries last year came when I stepped on someone's foot or ran into somebody. You've got to control it, get the treatments, listen to your body, see what happens."

Keeping his game amped up for a comeback, the 2-time NBA Champion and 5-time All-Star, however, remains to be joined by his Clippers teammate Paul George, who is currently ongoing with a leg injury.

With Kawhi's comments given on the league's decision on the new policy, Paul George, stating his views on the decision, said, "If healthy, absolutely, I'm suiting up, and I want to play every night."

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