NBA Star Joel Embiid Upsets His Countrymen With His Olympic Decision

By: Fatima Roshni Image credit: NBC News

Born and brought up in Cameroon, Philadelphia 76ers center Joel Embiid's decision to commit to Team USA prior to the upcoming 2024 Paris Olympics has been receiving major backlash.

Following his social media post last Friday, Embiid's fans belonging to Cameroon have shown utter disappointment in the NBA MVP's decision to reject playing for his native country in the Olympics.

As per a recent comment made by an anonymous source on Embiid's neglection released by BBC Sport Africa, "It's annoying because many people thought he would choose Cameroon."

Praising Embiid's decision on the one hand with heavy criticism on the other, "Embiid's choice was legitimate, and the reaction of Cameroonians, who are annoyed, is legitimate at the same time."

Female head coach Liz Mills, reflecting her own criticism, also wrote, "Imagine what impact he would have had if he had chosen Cameroon and how that would have reverberated right across Africa."

Whether correct or not, Joel Embiid's commitment to play for the United States is a decision made as part of a family discussion that carries much probability in terms of decision-making.

Embiid's post read, "I'm really proud and excited about this decision. I want to play with my brothers in the league and with my fans because they've been incredible since the day I came here."

Failing to secure a win at the FIBA World Cup, Team US is up for redemption after failing to make its mark at the top with the inclusion of probable stars and experienced players in the roster.

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