NBA Star Draymond Green Confesses Why He Sympathizes With Israel-Hamas Victims

By: Fatima Roshni Image credit: Bulls Score

Amid the ongoing speculation about the Israel-Palestine war, some of the NBA stars have come out in support, sympathizing with the loss while putting out their views and opinions on the matter.

Following Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James recent joint statement with business partner Maverick Carter in support of the ongoing war, GSW star Draymond Green has come out with his empathy.

Posing concerns over the civilians' conditions, Draymond wrote, "I send my heart out to everybody involved Palestinians and Israelis. You've got people dying daily. So, I send my heart out to them."

Stating further on people's setbacks and unspoken words on the matter, he states, "A lot of people sit quiet because they don't want to get themselves in trouble, whatever 'trouble' means."

"And believe it or not, a lot of people sit quietly because there's not much compassion left in this country. I'm a black man. I know how it feels to get f**ked over. So, I sympathize with them."

Having initiated the attacks on Gaza on October 7, the Palestinian Islamist militant group Hamas is currently undergoing a conflict and a lot of speculation, with more than 6,000 lives lost.

Currently suffering from an ankle injury last month leading to a two-game suspension from the preseason, the injury, however, resulted in missing out on all five preseason games of the Warriors.

Warriors head coach Steve Kerr, on the other hand, has given out his confirmation, stating Draymond's availability and improving health conditions after being spotted practicing with the team.

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