NBA Players Who Got Arrested for Domestic Violence

By: Fatima Roshni Image credit: Sound Health and Lasting Wealth

On one hand, while NBA players achieved worldwide popularity with respect to their career achievements, the controversial issues relating to their personal lives have equally generated speculation.

A majority of NBA players have been associated with or arrested after being charged with domestic violence filed by their partners or through their alleged affairs and relationships.

Dallas Mavericks head coach Jason Kidd's 2001 domestic abuse arrest for punching his ex-wife's face resulted in his six-month attainment of anger management classes, followed by his trade.

Facing in-disciplinary actions during an altercation against the Pistons leading to suspension, former NBA Champion Metta Sandiford-Artest got arrested for domestic abuse against wife in 2007.

Carrying a championship win for the Golden State Warriors in 2017, former NBA player Matt Barnes, following his trade to the Lakers, got into a domestic violence case against wife, Gloria Govan.

During his tenure with the Sacramento Kings, NBA free agent Darren Collison received an 8-game suspension pleading guilty to a domestic violence incident against his wife on charges of physical abuse.

The 2014 arrest of former Charlotte Hornets player Jeffery Taylor in a physically assault case at a Michigan hotel dates back to his 18-month probation period followed by a 24-game suspension.

While establishing his career as Charlotte Hornets forward, Miles Bridges found himself under felony domestic charges against wife Mychelle Johnson last year, later released on a $130,000 bond.

Kevin Porter Jr. tops the list with his recent arrest and felony charges for physically assaulting his girlfriend Kysre Gondrezick, barring him from having any relations with the Houston Rockets team.

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