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NBA Fans Brand LeBron James “Corny” for His Latest Instagram Post

By:  Vivek Nair Image credit: NBA and Twitter

Lakers forward LeBron James posted a video on Instagram with a hilarious caption, after which fans started calling him "Corny".

LeBron is currently recovering from a foot injury suffered during a game against the Dallas Mavericks and has been sidelined since.

Despite not being on the court, James created quite a fuss on social media by uploading a viral video of a massive goat on his Instagram account.

James captioned the post "DAMN IT!!! Can’t even rehab properly w/o the paparazzi all in my grill! Relax man!! Just trying to get right so I can get back out there with my guys!" 

He continued, "Anyways as you can tell I’ve done nothing but lift massive weights while gone away since I can’t get on the court yet! In due time. See y’all soon!"

LeBron was referring to himself as the goat in the video, for which fans began mocking him and commenting things like "LeBron is so f***ing corny man".

Many fans were also stunned to see the massive animal, and a few of them were trying to figure out what species it was while the other half were wondering how it ended up in his backyard.

LeBron's foot injury is set to be evaluated in three weeks, and he will miss the next five games before returning on March 23rd, if everything goes well.

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