Nate Diaz Will Not Fight Again in UFC As per his Recent Tweet

It does not look like UFC and Nate Diaz are on good terms at the moment.

Nate Diaz has been asking for fights on social media for a long time now.

On the other hand, it seems that Dana White has given up on this Diaz situation as he recently said Diaz should go and box Jake Paul.

It's no secret anymore that Nate Diaz wants to have a boxing match with Jake Paul, which is very likely to pay him more than his UFC contract.

Nate Diaz recently tweeted that he wants to end his UFC career on July 30th.

"July 30th Would be a nice to departure date"- Nate Diaz tweeted.

It's very likely that the fans will not see Nate Diaz compete in UFC octagon again.

And whether he can have a big career in boxing is something that fans are interested to find out.