MMA Fighter Threatens Dana White's 16 Year Old Daughter, Pays the Price

By: Alok Nayak Image credit: UFC

UFC president, Dana White became a nightmare for the former MMA fighter, Brandon Bender after his horrific threats.

Former UFC employee, Brandon Bender threatened Dana White's 16 year old daughter Savannah White on social media.

Brandon Bender worked in UFC gym before he was reportedly fired. And fans believe that is how the rivalry started.

White responded to Bender's threats and replied: "F**K U, you piece of f***g s**t. I'm coming for u now you mother f***g crack head. Threaten to r**e my 16 years old daughter?"

Dana White showed no mercy to Bender and took strict actions against him right away and caught him thanks to the help of social media and fans.

Dana White posted "We Got Him" on Instagram after catching Brandon Bender, who has a MMA record of 12-2.

Brandon Bender has previously competed in Bellator and last competed against Joshua Jones in 2020.

Fans supported Dana White for punishing Brandon Bender and again reminded the haters why they should not mess with the UFC President.

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