Michael Chandler and Dustin Poirier Fight in the Stands at UFC 276


UFC 276 is one of the best fight cards in 2022.

Two fighters that attended the event as audience members were Dustin Poirier and Michael Chandler.

The two seem to be in a very heated conversation cageside.

Poirier had issues with Chandler before UFC 276 with Poirier even tweeting "A lot of names being said by Iron Michelangelo but I'm not hearing mine. Respectfully".

"I did see him tweet that I was saying everyone else’s name but his as if I didn’t want to fight him because of technical reasons or what not, but it’s more like I forgot about him.” -Michael Chandler on fighting Poirier following his win at UFC 274.

In a video, filmed by Gilbert Burns, Poirier and Chandler seem to be exchanging profane words while the security personnel held them back to avoid the situation from escalating.

"You're a fake mother**r, I'm gonna f*k you up." - Poirier during his confrontation with Chandler.

Poirier has expressed his dislike towards Chandler in the past with the latter even criticizing Chandler's current run with the UFC.

Both Chandler and Poirier have not had their fights booked yet, maybe a potential card is in play here.

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