Maria Sharapova Is "Annoying" During the Prematch Warmup- Eugene Bouchard

Maria Sharapova had a rivalry with Eugenie Bouchard but it was for all the wrong reasons.

Both of them had played a couple of fired-up matches but Maria Sharapova had dominated all of those fixtures.

Maria Sharapova had lost out only once against Eugenie Bouchard in Madrid, in 2017.

In a recent interview Eugene Bouchard was asked, “Have you ever, like, played a warm-up with anyone and they were just like being a d**k?”

To this Bouchard replied, “Oh yeah Sharapova. She just like tries to hit the ball as hard as she can in the warm-up. It’s so annoying. She’s trying to intimidate you but it didn’t work on me.”

“The umpire can’t force you to do anything. Ultimately the umpire can’t force the person to warm up like you could just walk on the court and decide not to warm up if you don’t want to but normally most of us just do some easy rallying to feel good and some try to do winners and try hit as hard as they can.”

“Unfortunately we can’t play anymore, I mean, she’s a great competitor and we had battles for sure but uh no we can’t play anymore. She’s retired.”

Maria Sharapova retired in 2020 after the Australian Open and Eugene Bouchard has been out of action ever since she suffered a shoulder injury.