By: Alok Nayak

"Logan Paul Sold His Soul": WWE Superstar Gets Exposed?

Image Credit: YouTube

The rivalry between controversial internet sensation, Andrew Tate and the Paul brothers is just getting started.

Andrew Tate respects Logan Paul's younger brother, Jake Paul, who is likely to fight him in a boxing match next.

However, the Top G does not have any respect whatsoever for the WWE superstar, Logan Paul after his actions when Tate got canceled.

Former WWE title challenger, Logan Paul criticised Andrew Tate for his controversial and "misogynist" opinions after Tate got banned on social media platforms.

But, Andrew Tate believes Logan Paul was forced to speak against him by the top executives of YouTube. And Logan obliged out of fear of getting canceled again.

"Logan Paul sold his soul and is bought and sold. When you are dependent, you have no choice but to do as you are told to do."- Tate said.

"In Logan's video, you can SEE HIM reading from the script his "higher ups" instructed to read from"- Tate said referring to a video from Logan's appearance on True Geordie's podcast.

Jake Paul vs Andrew Tate is targeted for 2023 and the negotiations are still in progress. It won't be surprising to see Tate challenging Logan Pau if he gets past the Problem Child.

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