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Lionel Messi Tried to Kiss Kylian Mbappe Not His Wife at FIFA Awards Show.

By: Yaksh Desai Image credit: Twitter

Lionel Messi and Kylian Mbappe's relationship has been a roller coaster ride of sorts. The conclusion of the 2022 FIFA world cup potentially sparked a rift between the two professionals.

The final produced a mouth-watering contest between Argentina and France in which Both Mbappe and Messi got themselves on the score sheet however the latter's team pipped ahead France and won their 3rd world cup.

As the final ended and the  Mbappe-Martinez spat occurred, a lot of fans pondered whether the rift could have any sort of effect on the Messi-Mbappe friendship and chemistry in PSG.

And the answer was "No" as during the last few matches of PSG both the superstar have appeared to be in good relations and are communicating well on the field.

One such example is when Messi scored a last-minute free kick against Lille to ensure PSG's victory, Mbappe was overjoyed and hugged Messi with utmost elation.

Another incident occurred during the recent FIFA awards ceremony that suggests that their bromance is on another level.

When Messi was being awarded the FIFA best men's player trophy, he first shook hands with Mbappe rather than his wife who was right beside him. The incident seemed awkward as many fans thought Messi tried to Kiss Mbappe.

A fan reacting to it tweeted, "Mbappe ready to be his wife for a second there. while another netizen tweeted," Boys after defeating each other in the World Cup."

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