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Leonardo DiCaprio Breaks His Dating Rule for Mbappe’s Ex-girlfriend

By: Yaksh Desai Image credit:  Twitter

Leonardo DiCaprio is regarded as one of the finest Hollywood actors of all time. His role in the movie "The Revenant" landed him an Oscar for a stunning performance.

Despite being successful, DiCaprio is also famous for the relationship code that he applies, as until now he has only dated women whose ages were between 18 and 25.

Meanwhile, a source who is close to the "Shutter Island" actor revealed to a media outlet the main motive behind Leonardo's choice of dating only those girls who were under 25.

After the end of the veteran actor's relationship with Camila Morrone, which lasted 5 years, a source said, "By 25, girls are looking for more —they're looking to get married and settle down. That is not what Leo wants."

However, it seems that DiCaprio has finally decided to break his stereotype of dating girls below 25 as reports suggest that he is dating a 28-year-old model.

According to reports, Leonardo DiCaprio is currently involved with Rose Bertram, who was allegedly dating Kylian Mbappe, but it didn't go any further.

There is no official confirmation on their relationship status as of now. However, fans are excited to see both of them together.

Meanwhile, all eyes are on the Belgian model after the accusations came from Mbappe's side that accused Rose of child entrapment when she was with Mbappe.

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Leonardo DiCaprio Breaks ‘25 Year Old’ Dating Rule for Kylian Mbappe’s Ex-girlfriend Rose Bertram. Swipe up to read the full article.