Laura Sanko Had an Affair With UFC Coach James Krause?

By: Alok Nayak Image credit: UFC

Coach to many UFC fighters James Krause has found himself in huge trouble after recent allegations from former UFC fighter.

Former women's featherweight title challenger, Megan Anderson recently detailed her horrific experience of working with James Krause.

Megan Anderson revealed James Krause did not set up an ideal training camp for her title fight against UFC champion Amanda Nunes.

The Australian mixed martial artist even recently stir up the controversy about James Krause having an affair with UFC employee.

Responding to a fan tweet about fighters having an affair with James Krause, Megan Anderson stated "You should look at Sanko about that actually.."

Laura Sanko is UFC's first ever female commentator and currently she is broadcaster and covers major events alongside Megan Olivi.

It should be noted that Laura Sanko and Megan Anderson were friends not so long ago as they had a show together on YouTube.

However, fans are still confused about Megan Anderson potentially ruining Laura Sanko's reputation with a shocking statement.

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