Usman open up about what happened with him after Edwards' head kick

By: Shreya Jha


In a recent episode of JRE MMA, former welterweight champion Kamaru Usman talked about his last fight against Leon Edwards.

Leon Edwards defeated Kumaru Usman by TKO in the recent UFC 278 title fight. Edwards head kicked Usman to become the new welterweight champion.

Former champion Kamaru Usman recalled being unconscious after getting head kicked and waking up in an ambulance.

"I shake left, I shake right, and I'm sitting in an ambulance asking me, do you know where you're at", said Usman.

Image Courtesy: UFC

 Kamaru Usman simplified his brutal KO against Leon Edwards by saying, "It was like Leon gave me like a 20-minute nap"

Kamaru Usman was the UFC welterweight champion from March 2019 to August 2022. He fought five successful title defences in the meantime. 

In last month's UFC 278, Edwards defeated Usman in his first shot at the title. Edwards earlier lost to Usman back in 2015.

UFC President Dana White has already showed interest in booking a trilogy fight between Edwards and Usman.

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