By: Nikhil Chauhan

Jon Moxley Makes Below the Belt Remark on Vince McMahon

Image Credit: WWE/AEW

Jon Moxley made history as he defeated CM Punk is a squash match to become the new AEW World Champion.

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Jon Moxley shocked the pro-wrestling world as he pinned CM Punk in dominant fashion in the title unification title fight for the AEW World Championship.

Image Courtesy: AEW

Following the victory, Moxley slammed WWE and Vince McMahon quite subtly while addressing the audience after AEW went off-air.

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Moxley called Vince McMahon "some crazy old man" while talking to the AEW crowd in a below the belt remark on the WWE boss.

Image Courtesy: AEW

The remark was quite apparent since Moxley followed it up with another subtle remark on WWE's Monday Night RAW and Friday 's SmackDown.

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Moxley later urged fans present inside arena to tune in every Wednesday and not "that Monday night and Friday night bullsh*t."

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Needless to say, the remark was a straight jibe at WWE. In the process, Moxley also cleared that he has no intention of joining WWE again.

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It goes without saying, after such remarks, it's safe to say that The Shield is never re-uniting again.

Image Courtesy: WWE

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