Ja Morant Suspension: Will NBA Reduce 25 Games After NBPA Protest?

By: Fatima Roshni Image credit: ESPN

With the regular season games commencing soon, talks on NBA players' potential involvement, skills, and performance in representation of their respective franchises have started to be in discussion.

Memphis Grizzlies star Ja Morant remains to be openly criticized following his 25-game suspension from the NBA in relation to a second gun incident following a viral video posted on social media.

Following the league's suspension, NBPA Executive Director Tamika Tremaglio reflected on her opposing views on the NBA's decision, describing it as an inappropriate act made against Morant.

With the suspension commencing in the regular season, the NBPA continues to explore its probable options. "Here's a 24-year-old kid, and he's figuring it out as he goes as a young man in the league."

"Incredible talent. And early on in his career, a lot has come his way. I personally think the worst thing you can do is completely ostracize this kid from everything with his team."

Stating on the ongoing discussion on Morant's case, "The league, the Players Association, Ja, and his people are in constant communication and are all working together on this."

Adding her own views further, "I think he needs to continue to practice with his team, be around his team and team meetings. And all of that stuff, I think, really helps a young guy's growth."

In a recent statement issued on Wednesday, the NBA officials claimed to not withhold Morant's suspension for more than 25 games, making him eligible to return to action in the month of December.

Prior to his comeback, Morant remains to be formulated by the league, followed by a program assessment after the suspension period of 25 days, for which no detailed information has been released yet.

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