Is NBA Legend Shaquille O’Neal Dating Brittany Renner?

By: Fatima Roshni Image credit: Models Height

With questions pondering Shaquille O'Neal's recent appearance alongside Brittany Renner outside a restaurant in Los Angeles, rumors and speculations on their relationship have been in discussion.

Social media fitness influencer and model Brittany Renner, born and brought up in Mississippi, is a Jackson State University soccer player with a past linkup with NBA player PJ Washington.

In her recent appearance on one of the recent episodes of 'Basketball Wives', the model shares her opinions on the questions raised about her relationship with the NBA legend after their dinner date.

On being asked about her marriage with O'Neal, Renner stated, "No. He's one of the people I've always talked to. He's just a good guy, and that's just kind of it. There's really not much to it."

With Shaquille's ex-wife Shaunie Nelson in attendance, the conversation between Renner and hosts Lozada and Williams on the Big Diesel, however, created an awkward atmosphere for a moment.

Amid all the speculation and concerns over the relationship status between Shaquille O'Neal and Brittany Renner, TMZ has reached out on social media, providing proven facts and confirmation.

As per reports, “O'Neal hit up an L.A. hot spot for dinner on Tuesday, joined by none other than internet personality Brittany Renner, but we're told it was nothing more than two friends catching up."

Further reports also state, "The two are not an item. They have been cool for a long time and just wanted to reconnect. You can stick a fork in the dating rumors; it was strictly platonic."

Known for her past speculation with Charlotte Hornets player PJ Washington on her alleged affair followed by their childbirth, Renner's linkup with Shaquille reflects a mere friendship as of now.

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