Inter Milan Star Convicted for Firing Babysitter Who Later Died

By: Aizaz Iqbal Image credit: X

Lautaro Martinez was involved in an unfortunate incident off the field. The Argentine striker and Inter Milan captain was found guilty of unfairly terminating her babysitter while ill.

After learning that their babysitter had a serious illness, Martinez and his wife Agustina Gandolfo allegedly "illegally terminated" the babysitter's employment contract.

The firing of the babysitter was declared "illegitimate" by the labor department of the Milan court, according to reports from Fanpage. The family of the girl must receive compensation from the Inter captain.

The court was told that Martinez hired a babysitter but was hospitalized after eight months of hiring due to severe pain in the abdomen. As her hospital stay increased she was released from her duties as she exceeded the maximum limits of her absence due to illness.

The girl's lawyers appealed her termination right away, but the player's lawyers refused to reach a settlement before the case went before the Milan labor court. The girl died a few months later during her lawsuit.

The court declared the dismissal illegitimate, and Martinez was ordered to pay the compensation to the girl's family. Martinez responded to the accusations, saying, "I will not allow them to disgrace my family."

Martinez claims that he employed a sick woman since she was unable to work due to her condition. He emphasized taking care of her family and getting hospital beds according to his Instagram story.

Martinez wrote on his Instagram story, "What kind of person do you have to be to exploit the death of a daughter to get money?" 

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