Inside NBA Star Klay Thompson's Multi-million Dollar Mansion

By: Anannya Mitra Image credit: NBA and Twitter

Four times NBA champion Klay Thompson is one of the most influential players of NBA. Throughout his career, his net worth is recorded $70 million. He currently resides in a $2.2 million worth mansion in Dana Point, CA in Orange County.

He purchased a 2,433 square foot coastal mansion  before he earned the NBA title in 2015. The real reason behind not opting for an extravagant house elsewhere is that he wanted to be as close to his home as possible.

Inside Thompson’s $2.2 million seaside home, there exists three lavish bedrooms and four bathrooms. Needless to say, the house also has a view of the Pacific Ocean.

In addition, Thompson's house boasts a two-car garage, a swimming-pool in the outdoors, a cozy living room equipped with a fireplace, plus a game room with a bar, billiards table, and lounge space.

Looking at the outer space, the ambiance gives prominence to the earthly colors, consisting of greens, blues, tan and ochres. Several trees stand tall surrounding the luxurious mansion.

Entering his living rooms gives a warm sense with the brown and tangerine hues. The sofas and roof are tangerine-coded, while the browns enhance the beauty of the furniture. 

The bar area right in front of the purplish billiards table showcases his fine collections of beverages. His living area, in general, boasts an open-wide ceiling and a cozy tan-coloured fireplace. The whole place is lit with feeble lights. 

The living room also displays a wooden table with six chairs surrounding it, with an elegant chandelier hanging just over it. From the large windows, you could witness the distinct blue hues of the Pacific Ocean.

Apart from this lavish residence of Klay, he is rumoured to have owned another mansion worth $2.44 millions in his hometown location, Oakland. Also, he admitted to have been owning a spacious and vibrant house in San Francisco. 

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