By: Ujan Chakraborty

Injury Concerns Over Jon Jones vs Ciryl Gane Fight Days Before UFC 285

Image Credit: UFC

UFC 285 features the huge main event of Jon Jones vs. Ciryl Gane for the vacant UFC heavyweight title. MMA enthusiasts are pumped to see the much-awaited return of Jones.

However, a recent picture of Gane has sparked concerns that the former interim champion may be suffering from a hand injury.

In a picture, the Frenchman's right hand is shown as swollen from UFC 285 media day. Gane reportedly suffered a hand injury in his TKO victory against Tai Tuivasa in Paris last year.

Gane has claimed to have healed up of his injuries, while his fans think the visible swelling on his hand isn't completely healed yet and they are concerned if he can fight despite his injuries.

Fans tweeted about this situation, "That's the scar from his hand surgery. He broke his hand fighting Tai last year, and I’m just saying people would use that as a way to pull out respect for going with the fight still."

Another fan tweeted, "I’m going to go out on a limb and say most these dudes probably have jacked up hands, they punch faces for a living."

In an recent interview, Gane said "It’s okay now. I already did some sparring and already some exercise on the bag, heavy bag. I’m okay with my hand. It's fixed now.”

Earlier, Gane stated that he wished to have an extra month to heal the hand completely, but it was not an option for him. However, he's happy that he got no injury while training, and his hand is also fine according to him.

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