How Internet Fame "Mini Khabib" Hasbulla Earns Millions?

By: Pankti Parmar Image credit: X

One of the top Internet sensations, the Russian social media star Hasbulla is known for his witty personality and comic antics. He became popular on social media due to his childlike appearance.

Although his stature might be short, the Dagestani star earns very handsomely when it comes to his wealth. The net worth of Hasbulla is reported to be over $200,000.

Hasbulla's main stream of income is Social media. The 20-year-old initially became famous on TikTok when he called out Abdu Rozik, another Russian with a height condition, for a fight.

Although the fight never materialized, his fame did. He then started expressing his interest in the field of MMA by pulling public stunts like calling out fighters like Conor McGregor.

Soon enough, he began climbing the stairs of success when he officially became associated with UFC in October 2022. He even took part in a friendly fight with Islam Makhachev, which he won.

But the Dagestani grew his wealth by investing in assets and NFTs. He runs a project called Crypto Hasbulla that features Etherium-based NFTs and sells a meme-based collection of hand-drawn pieces.

Other than this, he often collaborated with various brands due to his fame. He launched a T-shirt with an American-Canadian company named NELK that earned him a profit in just 48 hours of release.

Hasbulla also indulges in luxurious cars and watches. Although suffering from Dwarfism, he became the epitome of not letting your limitations hold you back by winning the hearts of millions.

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