How did David Beckham fall in love with Victoria Beckham?

By: Aizaz Iqbal Image credit: X

Victoria met David Beckham in United's player lounge in 1997, falling in love at first sight. Beckham was becoming a global star, and she was known as Posh Spice of the Spice Girls. 

Victoria Adams and Mel C, two members of the Spice Girls, showed up at the Manchester United players' lounge before the soccer game. A rising soccer star named David Beckham greeted the former there.

Victoria was his favorite member of Spice Girls, David confessed on Jimmy Fallon's show. David struck up a discussion when she attended one of his games in Manchester.

He had her phone number one hour later. He said,  “She actually got the train up that day, so she wrote her number down on her train ticket, which I still have.”

She would go to matches regularly to see him and she fancied him a lot. Things moved very quickly between the two and talked to each other more often.

Former teammate Garry Neville revealed that he frequently spoke on the phone with Victoria until one in the morning. To meet her for 20 minutes, he used to travel for hours. 

During a press appearance, the pair in 1998 confirmed their engagement. According to an ELLE article from 2020, David handed the couple one of the 15 diamond rings during the course of their marriage.

After announcing their engagement the pair was expecting their first child, Brooklyn Joseph Beckham. In her autobiography "Learning to Fly" released in 2001, she said we named him right after we conceived.

After four months their first child was born David and Victoria got married at Luttrellstown Castle near Dublin. The wedding was so lavish that they had an individual throne to sit on. 

In a secret ceremony in 2017, David revealed that he and Victoria had renewed their vows. They were filled with fond memories and happiness as they celebrated their 19th, 20th, and 21st anniversaries. 

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