Funny Botch! WWE Stars Laugh as Nikki Cross Throws Title in Trash Can

By: Rahul V Krishnan Image credit: WWE

Nikki Cross on this week's Monday night Raw won the 24x7 championship after defeating the champion Dana Brooke by pinfall.

After the victory, Nikki and Damage CTRL were seen backstage together and the former Raw Women's Champion tried to throw the 24x7 title into a trash can but she missed the target.

The aim of the segment was to write off the 24x7 championship from WWE TV as Triple H was never a fan of the championship.

The 24x7 championship was introduced while Vince McMahon was in charge and the title was used as a comedy act and no one really took it seriously.

WWE had tweeted the video of Nikki throwing the title in the bin but it was later deleted due to the hilarious botch that she made. Bayley and Dakota were seen smiling in the video.

Nikki ASH recently had a character change as he went back to her NXT character after taking off her superhero mask last month.

She returned as Nikki Cross and attacked Bianca and Bayley a couple of weeks ago. She then helped Damage CTRL win the tag championships at Crown Jewel.

It looks like the plan is to have Nikki, Damage CTRL and a mystery partner face off against Bianca, Alexa, Asuka and two others at Survivor Series War games in a war games match later this month.

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