From Mouth-Taping While Sleeping to Sauna: Erling Haaland’s Recovery Tips

By: Sandipan Ghosh Image credit: X

The 23-year-old Norwegian striker Erling Haaland has been dominating the soccer world since an early age as he got a "Wonderkid" tag with his consistent performances for the junior teams.

Haaland hasn't changed after joining the Premier League club, Manchester City. While he now faces continuous tough challenges, his unstoppable goal-scoring ability hasn't been affected.

In a recent Logan Paul's IMPAULSIVE podcast, Haaland shared the secret behind his outstanding goal-scoring abilities for many years.

Haaland believes that sleep is the most important thing to achieve the best. He wears blue blocking glasses and also makes the bedroom completely quiet.

Haaland said, "Sleep is the most important thing in the world. To sleep good, [I do] simple things [like wearing] blue blocking glasses, and shutting out all the signals in the bedroom."

Haaland also uses the mouth-taping technique during sleep. The Norwegian star added, "You should try and tape your mouth. I sleep with it."

Haaland also tries to use the sauna almost every day. Athletes generally use it as the recovery process post-training.

Haaland added in that podcast, "I have [a sauna] at my home so I try and do it not every single day but almost every day. Sauna, steam room."

Previously, Haaland also talked about eating local quality food to stay healthy and fit. He likes to eat local meat, heart, liver, etc. but highly avoids packaged food or fast food.

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