From 1 Meal per Day to Multi-Million Dollars: Giannis Antetokounmpo’s Success Story

By: Fatima Roshni Image credit: Redbull

Milwaukee Bucks Giannis Antetokounmpo, serving as the emerging player of the NBA and carrying an MVP title and championship, however, holds one of the most inspiring tales of his past life story.

Born and brought up in Athens, Greece, Giannis, the third child of Charles and Veronica, spent his childhood as a Greek native alongside his four brothers, Francis, Thanasis, Kostas, and Alex.

Following the death of his father and his mother founding steady jobs to raise five young boys in the family, Giannis suffered a poverty-stricken and troublesome childhood.

Giannis, with the help of his elder brother Thanasis, gave a helping hand in terms of earning money for the family, working as street vendors selling items like watches, handbags, and sunglass

With days passing by and managing to live under harsh conditions while gaining Greek citizenship, Giannis and his family later shifted to Milwaukee, working in a 3-month military service.

Giannis, like his father, initially was interested in football but was influenced by his coach, Vasilis Xenakis, to take up his interest and test his luck in basketball.

In reflection of his living conditions, Vasilis statements to Giannis were stated as follows: "I told him that if he tried his luck with basketball, he could maybe make some money to buy food."

Starting his professional career in basketball in 2011, Giannis joined the Greek B Basketball League as part of the Filathlitikos men's team, followed by his eligibility for the NBA draft in 2013.

Drafted by the Milwaukee Bucks as the 15th overall pick, Giannis, at the age of 18, made his NBA debut as one of the youngest players in the league, followed by Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James.

Reflecting on his past life during an interview with ESPN, Giannis states, "Those moments back then were beautiful, man. Going through the struggle and making it out of it now, it's unbelievable. "

As one of the eminent players, Giannis, along with the newly traded Damian Lillard, is looking forward to yet another season with the Bucks, currently under a 5-year contract worth $228,200,420.

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