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Female WWE Star Accused of Sabotaging Triple H’s Match

By: Rahul V Krishnan Image credit: WWE and Twitter

AEW and WWE veteran Chris Jericho feels that late legend Chyna sabotaged his match against Triple H purposefully.

Chris Jericho and Triple H faced off in a last man standing match at the Fully Loaded Pay-per-view in 2000 which is dubbed as a WWE classic.

The two superstars didn't get along well back in the day as they had real life animosity. Chyna had her match with Perry Saturn right before Jericho and Hunter's match.

Talking on his podcast "Talk is Jericho", The ROH World champion said that he thinks Chyna deliberately wrecked the Spanish announcer's table which was supposed to be part of their match finish.

Superstars in the back were told not to do anything with the Spanish announcer's table but Chyna went ahead and wrecked it maybe as a statement to her ex boyfriend.

The two stars then had to come up with a new finish just five minutes before the match. The match finish saw Triple H winning after the two superstars went through the second announcer's table.

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Despite the change in the finish, Jericho still considers this match as one of his favorite WWE matches of all time stating that he and Triple H tore the house down.

Jericho is currently the ROH World champion while Triple H is currently the head of the WWE. Chyna passed away in April 2017 and was inducted into the Hall of Fame as part of DX in 2019.

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