Fan Reveals Why He Threw Popcorn at Brazilian Soccer Star Neymar Jr.

By: Sandipan Ghosh Image credit: X

On October 12, Brazil had a frustrating 1-1 home draw against Venezuela in the 2026 FIFA World Cup Qualifiers (CONMEBOL). It ended Brazil's 15-game home winning streak in World Cup qualifying matches.

While the disappointed Brazil side was leaving the field after that draw, a tub of popcorn was thrown from the stands, and it hit the most international goal-scorer for Brazil, Neymar's head.

It made Neymar furious who shouted at the fans before he was pulled away from that place. Later, Brazilian interim head coach Fernando Diniz termed the popcorn tub-throwing incident disrespectful.

Angry Neymar later also spoke about the popcorn tub-throwing incident. He called the unidentified thrower a non-educated guy and also called that incident very bad for the game.

However, the later media reports suggest a different story on the popcorn tub-throwing incident. But the identity of that thrower hasn't been disclosed for safety reasons.

Brazilian Leo Dias released an audio clip where that fan talked about that incident. He claimed that he had no intention to hurt them, rather than he was Neymar's fan and wanted to get his attention.

He said, "I threw the popcorn at him, but I had no intention of saying that he was playing badly, I really did it to get his attention.....I didn't do it out of spite, I did it to get his attention."

He further added, "I am a fan of his, I admire his football, it was not to hurt him, it was simply to draw attention so that he would look at the stands.”

It is not new that fans take some extreme steps to get attention from their favorite celebrities. However, everyone needs to understand the line that they shouldn't cross anyway.

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