By: Alok Nayak

Dwayne Johnson's Black Adam Failed to Copy Marvel's Million Dollar Formula

Image Credit: IMDb

Former WWE champion, Dwayne Johnson has achieved some incredible feats in Hollywood with his blockbuster movies.

Dwayne Johnson's latest movie, Black Adam was expected to be one of the best movies by DC in recent years.

However, it failed to deliver at Box Office as it could only manage to earn around $350 million worldwide.

Many fans believe that Dwayne Johnson and DC tried to copy the formula of Marvel that has worked really well for them in the past, but failed.

Marvel has successfully made many of its super heroes household names with its movies such as Iron Man, Thor, Hulk.

However, DC relies heavily on Superman and Batman to make an impact with its movies. Recently released The Batman performed exceptionally well at Box Office.

However, Dwayne Johnson's Black Adam that features many lesser known characters could not leave an impact on the audience.

Before the first movie of Iron Man and Thor were released they were not as popular among the fans as they are now. But, Black Adam failed to replicate the success.

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Why Dwayne Johnson's Black Adam Was a Failure at Box Office?